Yelp Eliterati & Eros Cafe Review

Awesome news!! I’ve been inducted to the Yelp Elite Squad! Thank you to whoever nominated me! I love writing yelp reviews and can’t wait to start going to exclusive Elite events!!

Here is one of my most recent reviews:

Eros Cafe (Rutherford, NJ)

4 stars ****

Categories: Coffee & Tea, Mediterranean

I almost walked out of this place because of the service. I had never been here before, but have passed it a billion times driving around, running errands for work. Since I recently moved nearby, I decided I would give it a try. I walked in and was waiting….waiting…waiting…thinking, “Why is everyone glancing over at me? Did this place just open (the answer was no – they’d been open all day)? Do they even do Take Out?”
A guy walks over to me, “Do you need help with something?”
“Yeah, I just wanted to know if I can order take out.”
Other waitress, “What’s the problem?”
…Thought (Are customers usually treated like problems?)
Guy, “I’m just getting her a menu.”
– hands me a menu and leaves the restaurant.
Then I sit at the bar. More waiting. More thinking…. Did I put enough money in the parking meter?! Am I supposed to be begging for food? Should I leave? Finally a waitress/bartender takes my order. I got the octopus salad and a gyro with Greek fries to go. All was excellent. I’ve never had octopus with big tentacles like that. So pumped about it.

I’ll definitely be calling to place my To Go order in the future. The food came out relatively fast and was fairly priced. Most of the wait was just trying to get someone’s attention. They give an awesome To Go Card – 6th Order on them!! Wooo

Oh, and did I mention they also have hookah and are open til 3 am on the weekend? I checked in on Yelp and got a $4 off deal. They def. lured me in with all their awesome deals and good food, so for now I am overlooking the god awful service.

Are you on yelp too?

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