iPad Air vs. iPad Mini Retina: How to Save Money

Valentine’s Day is coming up too quick as it always does, so here is a little guide on choosing between the iPad Air and the iPad Mini Retina and how you can save money if you already have a Verizon Share Everything plan.

I received the iPad Air for Christmas, but ended up exchanging it for the iPad mini. Beforehand, however, I did some research on the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9. It looked like a really good option, but I went to 2 different Best Buy stores to test it out and neither of them had them functioning right. This seems to be a fault of Best Buy and the high volume of customers during the holidays, according to the store employee, and not the tablet. Bummer, because the many reviews I read and watched looked promising. 

I ended up receiving the iPad Air for Christmas. Being OCD, I refused to play with it until I got a case. A few days later, I went to the mall to check some out, stopping in the Apple store first. When I got there, I couldn’t help picking up the iPad Mini Retina and messing around with it. I ended up exchanging the Air because the Mini was lighter.

The Reason: I have been interning in NYC for a few months and the reason I am using the iPad is to read on the train. I wanted a tablet so I didn’t have to lug larger books around.

Essentially the Air and the Mini Retina are extremely similar so you have to decide what you’ll be using it for. I use mine for travel so the size and lighter weight of the Mini make it a better option for me. I already have a Macbook Air, so I don’t need to use a tablet as a substitute for a laptop. If you are buying a tablet for traveling purposes, then by the Mini. If you aren’t traveling around with it or if you are using it to function as a laptop (getting a keyboard for it), then get the Air.


Ipad Comparison Specs

How to Save Money Using the Verizon Share Everything Plan

Now, if you are a Verizon customer, here’s an added bonus. The lower capacity iPad Air at 16 GB with Wi-Fi Only runs $499, while the Wi-Fi + Cellular plan runs $629. The  iPad Mini Retina starts at $399 with Wi-Fi Only, but + Cellular starts at $529. (This pricing goes up as you increase storage capacity.)

After I exchanged my Air for the Mini, I freaked out because I saw that it was Wi-Fi Only and I wanted to be able to use Flipboard and Social Media on the train, which doesn’t have Wi-Fi availability. Then I contacted Verizon about data plans and because I am on my family’s Share Everything Plan, I am able to use my iPhone 5 as a personal hotspot. I haven’t had any problems using it so far! I was able to save money on the Wi-Fi only tablet, as well as not having to purchase a monthly data plan, $20/month for 1 GB of data (going up to $80 for 10 GB data).

So I hope this review helps you decide between the 2 iPads and saves you hundreds of dollars if you have the Shared Everything Plan!



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